Strong. Humble. Empowered.

Empowering girls today as they evolve into phenomenal women of tomorrow


Our first pillar, Strength, focuses on Integrity, Patience and Self-Control as indicators of inner fortitude that project outwardly through our sense of social and self awareness, health and beauty and dedication to our college and career ambitions.


Our second pillar, Humility, focuses on Goodness, Kindness and Gentleness in order to harness our girls’ sense of compassion, helping them to understand humility as a vehicle that drives our service to humanity.


Our third pillar, Empowerment, is all about the transference of positive energy through Love, Joy and Peace. It takes seemingly faint characteristics and transforms them into fuel for the development of internal happiness and wholeness.

Our Program

SHE is a character education based after-school organization designed to empower girls in three areas; social and self awareness, health and beauty and college and career skills. We are committed to serving high performing, under resourced girls between the ages of 14 and 18 who are seeking character training in the midst of their academic success. Our name is an acronym for Strong, Humble, Empowered, as we believe that these are 3 traits that every woman should embody.

SHE’s comprehensive curriculum is designed to span over the course of a 10 month school year. Each month following induction is assigned one of 9 essential character traits; Integrity, Self-Control, Patience, Goodness, Kindness Gentleness, Love, Joy and Peace. Over the course of each unit, our girls embark upon a community oriented excursion to put their newly pruned character traits into practice.

SHE navigates our pillars through three focus strands: Social and Self Awareness, Health and Beauty, and College and Career Readiness. Each strand uses its lens to strategically highlight our 9 essential traits, ultimately working together to produce young women who are ready for the real world.

In Their Own Words

  • “As a SHE Sister, I have learned that strength is my ability to be humble in my confidence but courageous in my character”

    Aprilis D.
  • “What I love most about SHE is that I can fully express myself as who I really am without having anyone judge me.”

    Mahogany J.
  • “What I like most about SHE is that they help us with our self confidence; I know that I can trust the ladies in there and I can say what I feel without being judged.”

    Ashley M.

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Our Team

Dominicca Troi Washington

Dominicca Troi Washington

Executive Director/Co-Founder

Dominicca was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois on the city’s South Side. She attended Clark Atlanta University where in 2010 she earned a Bachelor of Arts in English and Grand Canyon University where she earned her Master of Education in Elementary Education in 2013.

Dominicca has long been an advocate for young women and education, with a focus on needs within low-socioeconomic and minority communities. All of her teaching experience has been in Title 1 eligible schools like those from which she graduated in her youth. Her personal and professional experience, particularly in large public school systems, serves as a catalyst to her passionate approach to meeting the needs of inner city students.

Dominicca utilizes her love for education and writing to spread awareness of the education system through several published articles featured on Education Post as well as her personal blog The Theory of Troi. Her controversial views and parental awareness advocacy provokes thought and conversation around some of education’s most sensitive subjects. Her advocacy towards awareness also extends to the needs of her fellow teachers through her community outreach with the Chicago Teacher’s Union. Never turning down an opportunity to fight for a cause, Dominicca is known among her peers for her vehement expressions promoting equity in education for our children.

Domonique Natasha

Domonique Natasha

Director of Marketing and Public Relations/Co-Founder

Domonique Natasha is a Proud Detroit Native, currently residing in the great city of Chicago. After graduating from Cass Technical High School, one of the most prominent high schools in Detroit, she attended Hampton University on a full Presidential Scholarship, and obtained a Bachelor of Science in Music Engineering Technology. During her tenure at Hampton, she became the First Female Head Drum Major in HU history, sat 1st chair in the Symphonic Wind Ensemble and HBCU Band Consortium, and was initiated into Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated in the spring of 2005. Since leaving Hampton, she has worked 8 years in Finance, Business to Business sales, and as a Leading Consultant in the Beauty Industry before embarking upon her journey in education in 2015.

Domonique’s love for the beauty industry and entrepreneurial spirit began as a young girl, and has allowed her to become a beauty influencer whose impact is nation wide. Holding strong to the motto that “when you look good, you feel good”, she has been able to help women enhance their public images and build healthy self esteem through proper self care.

As a Mother of 2 beautiful daughters, Makeup Artist, and Music Educator on the Southside of Chicago, Domonique has been blessed with a heart for people. That heart extends to the work that she does as a co-founder of SHE. Helping young women to channel their strength, humility and be empowered through a focus on Health and Beauty is a direct reflection of the calling on her life, and she is eternally grateful for the opportunity to serve.

Marrissia Rochelle Jones

Marrissia Rochelle Jones

Director of Finance and Sustainability/Co-Founder

Marrissia Rochelle Jones is a proud native of Chicago, Il. Since childhood, she has held to the belief that education serves as a pathway to overcoming poverty in urban communities. Due to the shift in her life’s trajectory as a result of education, she is passionate about using her life to help youth like her seize the opportunity to pursue an education. She has overcome a myriad of inner city youth struggles such as homelessness, violent neighborhoods, drugs and other factors that seem to embody normalcy among the urban poor. She is a first generation college graduate for her family and has made it her life’s mission to give back to her family and community.

Marrissia attended Wiley College, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts English Literature. While at Wiley she served as Vice President of her sorority, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated, and President of the investment banking club. Marrissia has received numerous awards and recognition for public speaking and speech writing.

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