About SHE

Our Story

The SHE Society Incorporated was founded at a high school in Chicago’s South Shore/South Chicago Community. At the time, the school only hosted an affinity group for young men in the building which raised questions around support of the young women. As a result of this concern a social emotional learning program with community service and college and career planning embedded was designed to support young women within the school community. Strength, Humility and Empowerment (SHE) became the core consciousness of the group as they were considered foundational attributes that would empower young women to evolve into transformational leaders for their communities.

SHE Chicago launched on September 4, 2017. Our first cohort consisted of 80 SHE Sisters. In our first year we saw a 62% reduction in disciplinary referrals as a result of our character education curriculum, along with an end of year cumulative SHE.P.A (GPA) of 3.75 due to our college and career support efforts.


SHE (Strong. Humble. Empowered.) is an organization designed to support teen girls in three areas: Social and Self-Awareness, Community Activism and College and Career Preparation. We are committed to serving high performing, under resourced girls between the ages of 13 and 19 who are seeking character training, community service opportunities and college and career support. 

We provide mentoring through character education, community service opportunities and college and career planning using our comprehensive 10 month curriculum designed for teen girls by high school teachers. Our 3-9-3 model combines the 3 pillars, 9 virtues and 3 strands of SHE to provide 360 degree support to the whole young woman. Our curriculum is also with MHA (means and measures of human achievement) research based competencies.

*SHE Curriculum and Frameworks are not to be used or reproduced without organizational consent*