SHE Sisters and #MeTooforTeens

On Saturday March 3, 2018 SHE Sisters had the opportunity to engage with another young women’s empowerment organization, Cause the Effect- Young Feminist Ambassadors. Our girls observed a panel discussion where several women shared their experiences with sexual harassment and offered some realistic approaches to protecting oneself when faced with this dilemma. SHE Sisters got to hear from teenage girls, just like them, who have demonstrated their courage in the fight against unwanted sexual advances.

During this event, SHE Sisters navigated a myriad of workshops that further explored the implications of sexual harassment, methods of self defense and opportunities for advocacy. In one workshop, SHE Sisters reviewed scenarios and evaluated whether or not sexual harassment was present. In another, our girls took a mini self-defense class where they learned to protect themselves both vocally and physically. A third workshop allowed them to create little business styled cards with quotes that speak out against sexual impropriety.

“Metoo was a great experience for me because I am constantly told to dress a certain way or hide myself in an effort not to entice or distract men. This experience helped me to be confident in the skin that I’m in and understand that I am not responsible for someone else’s inappropriate behavior.” stated SHE Sister Taiza Mayberry in response to her experience. SHE Chicago would like to thank the amazing young feminists of Cause the Effect for their exemplary display of awareness and advocacy.  

Thanks for reading and, as always, remember…Girl Power is World Power.

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