Get Involved

Volunteer: SHE is always looking for positive, dynamic individuals and organizations to work with our girls. We welcome:

Donate: At SHE we understand that donations come in many forms. We appreciate and accept your time as a volunteer as well as the following options:

  • Monetary donations 

  • Enrichment Opportunities (ie:internships, networking events, volunteer opportunities etc)

  • Event Sponsorship (host an event or provide a venue for one of SHE’s events)

  • Materials for SHE Sisters (t-shirts, journals, pens or other supplies)

  • Other donations that you feel may help to enhance the experience of our girls

*Bring SHE to your school: This selection is for high school educators only. If you believe that our program could benefit the young ladies at your institution, please click HERE.

If you don’t see any thing above that fits what you were looking for explain how you want to get involved with SHE Chicago by clicking HERE.