SHE Chicago Marches on Washington with the National Action Network

On Friday August 28, 2020 SHE Sisters joined the National Action Network in the March on Washington-Commitment March to honor SHE Sisters, Antwainisha Bratcher and Tajanay Samuels who were lost to gun violence May 26, 2020 on Chicago’s east side.

Vehemently speaking up for her SHE Sisters, Zhane Hill expressed to the Washington Post “Im hear to represent my SHE Sisters, my best friends Antwainisha and Tajanay” between tears and the comfort of her SHE Sisters Zhane shared that “even though their situation wasn’t police brutality their lives still matter so I’ma say my friends names”. SHE Sisters gathered to comfort and support one another departing from the interview with even more zeal to advocate for one another and honor the lives of African American women lost.

SHE Sister Zhane Hill protesting in honor of SHE Sisters lost, Antwainisha Bratcher and Tajanay Samuels

SHE Sisters were deeply moved by the opportunity to witness a peaceful demonstration that characterized their generation’s fight for freedom from oppressive systemic constructs that can cost them their lives. “I’m a fighter, I like to fight, but this experience showed me that I don’t have to be violent to fight, that peace works and I can use my voice to get my point across.” stated SHE Sister Jamie McCoy as she tearfully reflected on the experience.

SHE Sisters at The National Action Network’s March on Washington

Wrapping the march with a reflection circle and a game of tag in front of the Washington Monument, SHE Sisters left the March on Washington feeling empowered and eager to find ways to take the movement back to Chicago to share with their families. “I want to say thank you so much for giving my daughter Amaria a chance to experience history.” stated one SHE Parent on behalf of her daughter.

SHE Chicago closed the weekend with the honor of being featured in the Washington Post in recognition of Antwainisha and Tajanay. Check out the full Washington Post article at the following link by scrolling to 10:55am.

#SayTheirNames #AntwainishaBratcher #TajanaySamuels

Special thanks to The National Action Network, The Washington Post, The Lily and each of our generous donors and supporters who helped to make this experience possible for SHE. #TeamSHE #GirlPowerisWorldPower

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