Welcome, SHE sisters from afar, to our topic of the month! This month’s focus has been INTEGRITY. We’ve explored integrity through all three strands to identify how it folds into our everyday lives.

Our SHE Sisters have learned that integrity is a character trait that follows them through every facet of life. It begins on the inside, at their core and lends itself to their outward appearance and representation of themselves both socially and professionally. So, exactly how does integrity fold into all three realms of who we are? Take a look at the points below to find out…

Social and Self Awareness: Integrity begins with being truthful with yourself about who you are. Learning yourself trains you to maintain your strengths and strengthen your weaknesses. By owning your feelings, actions and reasoning you’ll be able to view the world around you through a clear and rational lens while having insight into others.

Health and Beauty: Once you are clear on who you are on the inside, your sense of integrity is projected onto your appearance.Consider all of the good that exists inside of you and ask yourself, does my outward appearance reflect who I am on the inside? Your outward appearance should give off an honest impression of who you are.

College and Career Readiness: After your integrity has began growing inside and showing outside, it’s time to put it to the test. In your professional interactions you must be honest in your representations of yourself. Do your school work with fidelity, advocate for yourself as needed with humility and honesty, take responsibility for your actions and commit to growing.

With your new insight on INTEGRITY we hope that you venture into the world secure in who you are and ready to show your true colors.

Thanks for reading and remember…Girl Power is World Power.

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