You GROW Girl! A Teen Professional Development Webinar Series

Every weekend for the month of June 2020, SHE Chicago provided a professional development webinar/workshop where teens learned to connect their social and emotional skills to college and career readiness through responsible decision making.

Each Saturday highlighted a new skill and showed a direct connection to the upcoming skills. While getting teens out of bed on a Saturday to learn professionalism proved its difficulty, we were proud to host a consistent group of girls ranging from 12 years to 19 years old and representing all corners of the globe…literally.

Our teen professional development series brought young women from Australia, the United Kingdom, San Antonio Texas, Atlanta Georgia, Central Illinois, Chicago Illinois and a number of other places filled with young women seeking to grow.

Our webinar series covered Social and Emotional Learning, Emotional Intelligence, Social Intelligence and Responsible Decision Making. Comprised of a number of engaging opportunities through group discussions, games, scenarios and brief lectures the webinar series proved a success with 78% of participants communicating a clearer understanding of the topics covered and the capacity to apply their learning in one or more aspects of their lives.

“I really needed to know how relationships help with decision making and the webinar really taught me that. It also gave me the right words for different things that I experience in my feelings and with other people.” -You Grow Girl! Webinar Participant

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